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KMST Ver. 1.2.395 Demon Slayer

July 26, 2011

Credits to Fiel of SouthPerry and Lycopene of Leafre

Maple Story Test Client Ver. Release 1.2.395 has been corrected.

This patch fixes the following issues, have been added.<Game Related>

1. The new resistance group “Daemon Slayer> added.

– Demon Slayer, a former levels are as follows:

Once that level is ex-lease the harbor, Edelman Shoe others, by boat to Orbis in the misty jeonjikhal


Primary occupation: Lv. 10

Second ex: Lv. 30

Third ex: Lv. 70

4th ex: Lv. 120


1. Daemon Slayer’s main skill is as follows:

– Demon Slash: attack of the enemy front by a number of key battering by four consecutive attacks.
Attack from the target can absorb a certain amount of force the daemon.
Force absorbed the daemon can be used for other skills.

– Soul Eater: Hold down the key skill of the enemy ahead of their next drag danggimyeo multiple attacks.

– Daemon Trace: their surroundings, close to the trace of the enemy attack.
A chance to stun the target, and when used in combination with the arrow keys to move the direction of the moment
Can be determined.

Bloody Raven: Raven bloodthirsty summoned when a large number of enemy attack on the front, and then
Some of the damage can be restored to their HP.

– Dark indyueo; period of time, defense, state more resistant, the probability of resistance by leaps and bounds all the properties

– Demon Explosion: Hover through the air everywhere, a large number of the enemy, and then gives a fatal damage.

– Vampiric Touch: a period of time, some of the damage inflicted on the enemy’s HP to party lists
Can be recovered.

– Devil Cry: instantaneous power emitted potential threat to the four corners of the earth, and strong damage to multiple enemy
Shows. The target defense, attack power, accuracy, and reduces the amount of experience points and item drop chances of obtaining

– Meta Morphosis: a period of time to enable potential to increase the damage and HP. In addition,
Meta Morphosis state centered on the caster when the two dark and speculative attacks, the rapidly rotating
Range will automatically attack multiple enemies.

– Dark bind: a chance for a number of actions around the enemy as possible to create conditions for lasting damage can
Are In addition, Monster’s ERA as a certain level, the passive effects are ignored Dark
The effect of binding the same applies to the bosses too.

2. Daemon Slayer characteristics of the species are as follows:

– Devil Wings: Elyos wings can be moved quickly by.

– Daemon Jump: Elyos wings can be used with the various jumping skills.

(High jump, double jump, glide).

– Death Curse: a chance to attack the enemy is able to instant death, instant death for the effect their actuation
Restores HP. In addition, when the victim dies, you can absorb a certain amount of force.

– Demonseu Fury: monseuteoil target the boss, the inner rage led to a more powerful potential
Additional force to inflict damage and absorption.

– Demonic Blood: Elyos a priori to have a strong commitment and overwhelming charisma are born.
30-level rise will and charisma, and shot is not 100% chance to knockback.


1. New equipment items have been added.

– (Lev.10) dumdeu Sceptre

– (Lev.30) Nutty Sceptre Digg

– (Lev.50) eoseoreoti Sceptre

– (Lev.70) Daemon Bane

– (Lev.120) Evil Bane

– (Lev.10) Force Shield of Fortitude

– (Lev.30) Force of Will Shields

– (Lev.70) of power, force shield

– (Lev.120) Extreme Force Shield

– (Lev.0) Dark Demonic Suit

– (Lev.0) Dark Demonic Shoes

2. The new consumption items have been added.

– Maseuteoribuk] Meta Morphosis 20

– Maseuteoribuk] Meta Morphosis 30

– Maseuteoribuk] Dark bound 20

– Maseuteoribuk] Advanced Weapon Mastery 20

– Maseuteoribuk] Advanced Weapon Mastery 30

– Maseuteoribuk] Hard Skin 20

– Maseuteoribuk] Hard Skin 30

– Special maseuteoribuk] Reverse Gravity 30

– Special maseuteoribuk] daemon Impact 30

– Special maseuteoribuk] Meta Morphosis 30

– Special maseuteoribuk] Advanced Weapon Mastery 30

– Special maseuteoribuk] Hard Skin 30


1. New jobs are held open with commemorating the event.

– Demon Slayer achieve level 50, you can get the ring legend.

– Demon Slayer achieve level 70, you may be eligible for special Mastery book.

Patch notes:

안녕하세요. 메이플스토리 입니다.개선된 서비스 제공을 위해 테스피아 패치를 실시합니다.

점검 일정을 참고하시어 테스트 진행 및 이용에 불편 없으시길 바랍니다.

자세한 내용은 아래를 참고해 주십시오.

< 테스피아 클라이언트 패치 >

– 작업 일시 : 2011년 7월 26일(화) PM 8:40 ~ PM 9:10 (30분)

– 작업 대상 : 테스피아

– 작업 내용 : ver 1.2.395 클라이언트 패치

* 상기 일정은 작업 진행 상황에 따라 변동 될 수 있습니다.

보다 쾌적한 테스트 환경을 제공해 드리기 위해 최선을 다하겠습니다.


1st Job
Posted Image Devil Outsider
Summons a demon sickle to attack numerous amounts of monsters
Requires 1 Demon Slash

Posted Image Weapon Booster
Uses HP to increase the speed of your attack
Requires 5 Demon Slash

Posted Image Dark Agility
Permanently increases accuracy, speed, and jump.
Requires 1 Demon Slash

Posted Image HP Increase
Permanently increases your HP

Posted Image Demon Slash
Attacks enemies in front of you with 4 consecutive attacks. Can get Demon Force from killing monsters.

2nd Job
Posted Image Soul Eater
Drags enemies in front of you to meet their death.

Posted Image Dark Thrust
Dash through a large amount of enemies in front of you

Posted Image Demon Trace
Attacks your surroundings with a chance to stun.

Posted Image Dark Revenge
Reflect damage back to your enemy. Cannot reflect more than half the monster’s HP

Posted Image Weapon Mastery
Increases mastery and accuracy on 1H Mace or Axes

Posted Image Physical Training
Permanently add STR and DEX

Posted Image Outrage
Permanently increase attack and Critical Rate

Posted Image Reinforced Demon Slash (1st)
Permanently increase the damage on Demon Slash

3rd Job
Posted Image Dark Judgement
Attack both sides of the enemy with lethal damage

Posted Image Death Draw
Drags enemies while attacking them. Has a chance to stun

Posted Image Bloody Raven
Summon bloodthirsty crows to attack in front of you that can turn the damage they do into HP

Posted Image Dark Endure
For a period of time, increase defense, stat resistance, and Elemental Resistance.

Posted Image Demonic Breath
A poison demon is summoned to attack enemies around you, poisoning them for a period of time.

Posted Image Evil Torture
Increases damage and critical chance to a hurt monster

Posted Image Concentration
Permanently increases damage and weapon speed

Posted Image Guard Force
Increases your chance to guard from enemy attacks. If successful, it will heal your HP and add Demon Force

Posted Image Max Force
Increase your chances to get Demon Force after a short amount of time.

Posted Image Reinforced Demon Slash (2nd)
Permanently increase the damage on Demon Slash

4th Job
Posted Image Demon Explosion
Hover in the air for a short time to attack enemies with fatal damage

Posted Image Demon Impact
Instantly attack a large number of monsters with lethal damage. This skill has a 100% critical chance and does bonus damage on bosses

Posted Image Vampire Touch
For a period of time, enemy to damage will heal party member’s HP. However, it cannot heal more than 3% in one hit.

Posted Image Devil Cry
Instantly emits potential threats everywhere, attacking monsters around you. Attacked monsters will reduce their defense, accuracy, attack and increases your chances of EXP and drop rate.

Posted Image Maple Warrior
For a period of time, increase you and your party member’s stats

Posted Image Metamorphosis
For a period of time, increase your damage and HP. It will also automatically attack surrounding enemies

Posted Image Dark Bound
Attacks monsters and can do damage over time. It also has a passive effect of increasing your changes to ignore a monster’s PDRate

Posted Image Infinite Force
For a short amount of time, you will have infinite amount of force. Has a cooldown.

Posted Image Advanced Weapon Mastery
Increases your Weapon Mastery, attack, and minimum critical damage when using a 1H Axe or 1H BW

Posted Image Hard Skin
Strengthens your body to reduce damage permanently.

Posted Image Reinforced Demon Slash (Final)
Permanently increase the damage on Demon Slash

Big credits to Fiel of Southperry for the skill icons.

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