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The Future of Helios Tower

June 15, 2011

As I’m waiting for the latest KMS patch to finish updating I figured I would talk a bit about the future of HeliosTower.NET. When I started the site along with Josh and Justin we offered it as an alternate community dedicated to bringing new players to the English community. After the GMS release of the Big Bang and due to personal issues for myself and the other admins slowly going inactive the site has come to a standstill. We’ve debated trying to revive the site, but there frankly isn’t enough manpower or draw to get people back to the site and the English community has already dwindled in the last few months making things harder. Therefore,  in the next few weeks Helios Tower will probably be closing down. I will however be moving all the guides, any translation information I have, and other helpful posts to this blog to serve as a resource for English KMSers and future players. It makes the most sense and will help more people than the forum can at this point. I want to say thanks to everyone who was a part of HT and maybe some day we’ll bring it back.

Stay tuned for a new in-game update.


Back From The Dead

June 10, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on the KMS Blog let alone KMS. I stopped by to check on HeliosTower.NET and saw that a new member had seen this blog, so I figured I’d see if there were any new comments on this blog since I last posted in November. Without getting into it too much, senior year coupled with my band coupled with a lot of family issues isn’t necessarily conducive to blogging about MapleStory. Since there were requests to start posting again since apparently this blog was found to be useful, I felt inspired to start and kick things into gear again especially since Spadow just called it quits (bummer, I know 😦 ) and people may want another resource for KMS. I doubt I’ll be nearly as helpful as Spadow (I can’t do translations…sorry I’m not Korean…but I can offer some tips and insight into the game and how to get started and join the English community and possibly be of some assistance to people.

I’ve had some time to play the GMS version of Big Bang and I’ve learned a lot. Prior to Big Bang, I was a strong advocate for only playing KMS but the game has improved immensely since then. It still lacks the fine tunings and perks that KMS has but it’s definitely worth playing. In my next post I’ll be comparing the two and outlining how you can play both versions and reap the benefits.

Thanks for the support and feel free to comment!

Looking to join KMS?

November 8, 2010

If you’re looking to join KMS and need help with registration, installation, and meeting other English speaking maplers then head over to and join our community. There are tons of guides and players who will be glad to help you start out.

(Note: You must join the site before you can view the major guides).

Changes, changes, and more changes

November 1, 2010

It’s been almost a month since my last update on this blog. October was a busy month for me both in life and on the interwebs. My band is heading into the studio this week for four days to track a demo CD which I am super psyched about…I’ll be sure to post them here if any of you guys are into rock/metal…and if you’re not that’s cool too 🙂

October was a huge month for me and KMS. In addition to passing level 50 a few friends and I that you may know from the KMS community started a brand new KMS English forum community. We had mentioned it a while ago after my friend’s Justin and Josh expressed an interest in creating a new KMS community site. I was hesitant to commit since you really need people who are committed and interested in what you plan to do with a site…otherwise it doesn’t work. So on October 12th we launched Helios Tower. We try to offer an intimate, tight-knit, informative, and welcoming community that parallels your in-game experience. The site is doing great so far and I encourage those who already play KMS or those who are looking to join KMS to sign-up. The administrators will be more than happy to help you create a KMS account if you’re having trouble and we’re in the works of unleashing some totally bad ass events that will rox your sox off!

I intend to keep this blog regularly updated so keep checking back!

Click here to register on Helios Tower

Month 2: Level 50, NX Cash, and more.

October 7, 2010

It’s been a while…again…I know…sorry.

I’ve been busy (no duh) with school (boring) and my band (heading into the studio in November…so psyched!) and although I’ve glanced at this page thinking, “I should write something…” I never did…until now.

I just hit level 50 today! Okay, laugh it up. I know. Almost two months since I started playing and I’m only level 50. Well, some people actually have lives! Just kidding (not about the having a life part). I’ve been playing every now and again and leveling maybe once or twice whenever I would log on so in my opinion level 50 isn’t half bad. I have definitely realized how grinding and powerleveling can make the game very annoying (not that it’s always your fault…especially if you’re playing GMS where you have to powerlevel/grind for long periods of time to get anywhere) and it’s nice to be able to play a game where you can casually log on for an hour or two every few days or so to level a few times and say hi and over time actually get somewhere. I’m actually quite content on the speed at which I’ve been leveling and I still find my Wild Hunter just as fun as the day I made it.

Yes…I died right after I leveled. Epic fail.

Another big milestone in my KMS career: my first NX purchase! Today I purchased two 10k NX cards from CN-USA (I held out as long as I could in September waiting for the midnight ban…which never came) and bought a Kino. I’m pretty psyched and I actually feel like my money is being used well to some extent. I also CPQ’d for the first time in KMS with a few alliance members which was fun.

The Ultimate Adventurer class was released! To give you an idea, once you have a Cygnus Knight that’s level 120 you can make a new adventurer with one of the Cygnus Knight skills of your choosing for that class (check out Spadow’s blog for more info). It’s pretty cool but a bit overrated considering the amount of quests and time you have to put into it just for one skill. I might give it a go…at some point.

I plan to update this blog a lot more often and hopefully I will have enough time to play KMS more actively and don’t worry I’ll get to answering those help questions! I’m hoping to get the word out about KMS to more maplers from different versions who are looking for a change and help strengthen the English community in KMS to make it more fun for everyone.

Keep KMSin’ it up!


Week 3: Day 1

September 12, 2010

It’s been a while! Sorry again for the lack of updates…I know it’s been over a week since my last post and even I figure an update is in order. I’ve just been doing a lot of music stuff lately (my wrists are killing me from playing drums for like 12 hours yesterday!) and I’ve spent most of today reading The Shining by Stephen King for school. I’m almost half way through at least.

In addition to all that we finally got our latest website, the Nexon News Network up and running. N3, what we call it for short, is a news network that is a collection of the top news websites for each Nexon game and a forum community of Nexon gamers. Right now we have Maple-News for MapleStory and Colhen for Vindictus in our arsenal but are looking forward to expanding to Mabinogi, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Dragon’s Nest in the coming months. It’s gone surprisingly well and if you’re looking for a community to join, please don’t hesitate to check out our forums.

I’ve hit level 44 on my Wild Hunter in KMS (if you couldn’t tell I’m taking my time, haha). The MNN staff is trying to convince me to come back to GMS at least part-time to manage the official MNN guild, Repulse. At times KMS can be a bit depressing when you realize you can’t just go up and talk to someone. KMS has better gameplay but GMS has a larger English community (whether it’s good is up to you to decide). For now I’m just playing KMS and having a fuckload of fun playing it. It’s like playing a new game…everything is new and exciting…and hoping that midnight ban never comes to KMS.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted and hopefully display some of the new guild skills in the future. I’ve hit 900k mesos so I might actually be able to afford one!

Week 2- Day 6: Item Pick Up

September 3, 2010

I’m finally not too tired to post something! Sorry for the lack of chronic updates this week but I finally can catch my breath and sit down and play a bit of KMS. I’m working on getting to 50 today (currently 38) but first I have to get a Heckler (lv 38 crossbow) which I attempted to find through the FM which proved harder than I thought…so off to Ludibrium to buy one from an NPC.

While playing I’ve noticed a huge difference in the pick up ability of characters versus in KMS the pick up ability of characters in GMS. In GMS you are able to hold down ‘z’ or whatever button you use to pick up items and it has the same effect as a pet. In KMS, it is like the old beta controls where you have to press the pick up button to collect each individual item (you can hold it down, but there’s a lag time in between). This is most likely to motivate players to purchase a pet. I’m currently using the quest snail from Elinia and like most pets in the Cash Shop it has an automatic item pouch and meso magnet. The speed at which your pet picks up items is also much faster than that in GMS. Some pets are significantly cheaper in KMS than they are in GMS and almost all come with the item and meso pick-up function. So, this is just another reason to join KMS.

On another note; after looking around I haven’t been able to find any recent articles about the Midnight Ban (the latest being from April 13 which was when we first heard about it). I’ve also looked on several Korean news websites and there is nothing. Since MapleStory is a huge franchise in South Korea I would expect at least one news article about the Midnight Ban if it was going into effect. It looks like it’s just a rumor that has been blown out of proportion…so KMSers need not fear…for now at least.

Some fun screen shots over the past 2 days:

777 MP 🙂

A gift from a fellow guildie, xcutipie.