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The Future of Helios Tower

June 15, 2011

As I’m waiting for the latest KMS patch to finish updating I figured I would talk a bit about the future of HeliosTower.NET. When I started the site along with Josh and Justin we offered it as an alternate community dedicated to bringing new players to the English community. After the GMS release of the Big Bang and due to personal issues for myself and the other admins slowly going inactive the site has come to a standstill. We’ve debated trying to revive the site, but there frankly isn’t enough manpower or draw to get people back to the site and the English community has already dwindled in the last few months making things harder. Therefore,  in the next few weeks Helios Tower will probably be closing down. I will however be moving all the guides, any translation information I have, and other helpful posts to this blog to serve as a resource for English KMSers and future players. It makes the most sense and will help more people than the forum can at this point. I want to say thanks to everyone who was a part of HT and maybe some day we’ll bring it back.

Stay tuned for a new in-game update.

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