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Back From The Dead

June 10, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on the KMS Blog let alone KMS. I stopped by to check on HeliosTower.NET and saw that a new member had seen this blog, so I figured I’d see if there were any new comments on this blog since I last posted in November. Without getting into it too much, senior year coupled with my band coupled with a lot of family issues isn’t necessarily conducive to blogging about MapleStory. Since there were requests to start posting again since apparently this blog was found to be useful, I felt inspired to start and kick things into gear again especially since Spadow just called it quits (bummer, I know 😦 ) and people may want another resource for KMS. I doubt I’ll be nearly as helpful as Spadow (I can’t do translations…sorry I’m not Korean…but I can offer some tips and insight into the game and how to get started and join the English community and possibly be of some assistance to people.

I’ve had some time to play the GMS version of Big Bang and I’ve learned a lot. Prior to Big Bang, I was a strong advocate for only playing KMS but the game has improved immensely since then. It still lacks the fine tunings and perks that KMS has but it’s definitely worth playing. In my next post I’ll be comparing the two and outlining how you can play both versions and reap the benefits.

Thanks for the support and feel free to comment!

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