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KMST Ver. 1.2.395 Demon Slayer

July 26, 2011

Credits to Fiel of SouthPerry and Lycopene of Leafre

Maple Story Test Client Ver. Release 1.2.395 has been corrected.

This patch fixes the following issues, have been added.<Game Related>

1. The new resistance group “Daemon Slayer> added.

– Demon Slayer, a former levels are as follows:

Once that level is ex-lease the harbor, Edelman Shoe others, by boat to Orbis in the misty jeonjikhal


Primary occupation: Lv. 10

Second ex: Lv. 30

Third ex: Lv. 70

4th ex: Lv. 120


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Mercedes 1st & 2nd Job Sneak Peak

July 26, 2011

So I meant to post this on July 12th…but between moving and other things I got a bit tied up. Sorry I’ve been sucking so much at updating the blog! I’m going to be forcing myself to update it at least once a day! Mercedes just came out in KMS, but here are some screen shots from KMST!

KMST 3rd Term 2011

July 5, 2011

I said I would quit GMS if I got into this term of KMST (Korean MapleStory Tespia/Test server) and it looks like I’ll have to make good on that promise because I did.












I’ll be posting updates here and on on the new content I’ll be testing out over the next 3 months. Stay tuned!!!

Level 70!

June 20, 2011

I finally hit level 70 on my Wild Hunter FalconPerch. It was surprisingly fast with the new PQ system (only 4 hours to get from 60-70). I started for a few hours last night and finished this afternoon. I’m loving 3rd job Wild Hunter so far…arrow machine gun baby!

Level 70!

Level 70!

New Guides Up!

June 20, 2011

I’ve posted four new guides to help new and prospective KMS players get started! Check out the Guides page and start playing KMS NOW! 😀

Koreans Gone Wild – Lost In Translation

June 20, 2011

An interesting afternoon spent LPQing where I met some interesting (to say the least) Korean players attempting to speak English. Check out the screen shots below for some laughs.

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The End of Helios Tower, the beginning of Leafre

June 19, 2011

In my last post I talked about the end of Helios Tower, an English KMS community a few friends and I ran earlier this year. I’m glad to announce that we have merged with a new KMS community site,, and that the HeliosTower guild will remain intact and is now part of the Leafre alliance. I encourage everyone who was a part of HT, is a player in KMS, or is looking to join the game to join Leafre. It’s a really great community full of welcoming people who will help you get started and adapt to the game. I’m in the process of moving all the guides from Helios Tower here to my blog so they should be up in a few days.